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Gas prices in Florida dropped again over the weekend

According to a report released by AAA on Monday, gas prices in Florida dropped by 11 cents over the last week, marking the tenth consecutive week in which prices at the pump have decreased.

Since the middle of June, the price of a gallon of gas has dropped by $1.36.

According to AAA, the daily average price of gas in each state was $3.54 per gallon on Sunday, which was the lowest price for a single day since March 1.

It now costs around $53 to fill an average-sized gas tank of 15 gallons, which is $20 less than what drivers spent in the middle of June, when gas prices reached an all-time high of $3.89 per gallon.

Mark Jenkins, a spokesperson for AAA, said that “Gas prices are still falling, but not quite as fast as they did in recent weeks. The state average was previously declining at a rate of 15-17 cents per week. Last week, however, the state average dropped 11 cents. This could be a sign that pump prices could soon begin to level out. Oil prices are currently trading at levels we saw in February, before Russia invaded Ukraine. During that time, the state average was in the $3.40s, which could be where pump prices eventually plateau.”

Despite the recent decreasing trend, the Automobile Association of America (AAA) notes that drivers are still spending around 55 cents per gallon more than they were at this time last year. This amounts to a difference of almost $8 on a full tank of 15 gallons of gas.

The most expensive metro markets are currently West Palm Beach-Boca Raton ($3.75), Tallahassee ($3.68), and Naples ($3.66), while the least expensive metro markets are Crestview-Fort Walton Beach ($3.42), The Villages ($3.43), and Orlando ($3.43).

Raymond Simpson

Raymond Simpson is a California native, a longtime Coral Springs resident, and the Editor at TSFD. He lives with his family in Coral Springs, where you can find him on weekends running – literally running – with his two golden retrievers.

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