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California authorities arrested a man who plotted to carry out a “Las Vegas-style” mass shooting

CHICO, Calif. — The authorities said a man, aged 37, was taken into custody on Sunday in Northern California on suspicion of plotting a mass shooting in the “Las Vegas-style.” The suspect is also accused of making threats to murder police officers.

According to a statement made by the police, the guy was brought into custody by SWAT officers at a Super 8 hotel in Chico after investigators gathered proof of his scheme.

According to a statement released by the Chico Police Department, the evidence included information that he had made “criminal threats to kill specific individuals, specified law enforcement officers, and was preparing to commit a ‘Las Vegas style’ mass shooting with a specified deadline.”

In 2017, a shooter opened fire on a music festival in Las Vegas from a high-rise hotel, resulting in the deaths of sixty people and the wounding of more than four hundred more.

According to the police statement, after his arrest, the suspect in the case in Chico made threats to murder further law enforcement officers and their families, and he assaulted an officer with a table while they were questioning him as well.

It’s possible that he’ll be charged with anything like making criminal threats or assaulting a peace officer. At the Butte County Jail, he was detained without the possibility of bail.

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