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Authorities identified the suspect who shot a police officer

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. — The Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office says that Charlie Brown, who is 37 years old, ambushed and shot a police officer once in the back.

The cop was wearing a Kevlar vest, which may have prevented him from being fatally injured in the incident.

“For my neighbors house to be shot up and she got a little baby in there its scary,” said Donna a neighbor.

In the late hours of Sunday night, the incident occurred in the 4100 block of Middleburg Road. According to the police, Brown drove away while continuing to fire at policemen.

Donna, who lives just two houses away from the location where the incident occurred, said that the gunshots came dangerously close to her home.

“I just heard several gunshots and ran to the back of my house,” said Donna.

According to Donna, the event had a significant impact on her.

“It upset me it took a long time for me to calm down last night and it wasn’t until early this morning,” said Donna.

According to the JSO, the gunman led the authorities on a pursuit that lasted for thirty kilometers. He exited his vehicle after it had been involved in an accident on the Dames Point Bridge and then jumped into the St. Johns River.

According to the Chief of Investigations for the JSO, Brian Kee, the police were able to see Brown swimming, but suddenly he vanished.

After searching the river for many hours, beginning at three in the morning, dive crews from the Jacksonville Fire and Rescue Department and the Jacksonville Police Department discovered his corpse and his firearm on the riverbank.

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