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8 wounded and 1 dead in Tallahassee parking lot shooting

TALLAHASSEE, Fla. — One person was killed and eight others were injured after “dozens and dozens of rounds were fired” during a gunfight in the capital city of Florida. According to the authorities, police shot one of three suspects who were later detained.

On Saturday night, when gunshots were reported in the parking lots of a restaurant and a liquor store in Tallahassee, police saw a man shoot into a crowd before running into a quick-service restaurant.

Lawrence Revell, the chief of police in Tallahassee, spoke at a press conference on Sunday morning and revealed that the suspects had followed the man and finally shot him at least three times.

According to Revell, the suspect was not gravely hurt and was brought into jail after the incident.

“These officers ran toward this amazing amount of gunfire as it was occurring,” Revell said. “They were rendering aid in the parking lot as it was occurring. There were dozens and dozens of shots that rang out.”

Because of the massive crowds in town for homecoming festivities at Florida A&M University and a home football game hosted by Florida State, the police department increased the number of patrols they conducted on Saturday night.

The authorities have not yet determined what sparked the gunfight, but they are currently examining it.

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