Property damage caused by Hurricane Nicole estimated at approximately $500 million

In certain areas of Florida, the damage estimates caused by Hurricane Nicole are exceeding those caused by Hurricane Ian.

The damage estimates are approximately $500 million, and that just accounts for Volusia County. Authorities in this county in particular continue to urge people to stay away from the coast as more and more houses are still collapsing onto the beach. Pieces of concrete block began to fall off and drop down into the coast Saturday night, leaving residents stunned since Nicole made landfall days before.

The first damage assessment report for Hurricane Nicole in Volusia County is $481 million, which surpasses Hurricane Ian’s damage of $377 million. Property damage was $370.3 million in Daytona Beach Shores, followed by $51.1 million in New Smyrna and $50 million in Daytona Beach.

Nicole also raised concerns among the people, getting many of them worried about whether and when they would be able to rebuild their homes.

Besides the massive property damage, the Hurricane Nicole also resulted in five deaths.


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