Naples man put his life on the line to save a cat that was trapped in Hurricane Ian’s rising storm surge. Now he is hailed as a hero.

NAPLES, Florida — The Naples Humane Society gave the Animaltarian Award to a man who risked his life to save a cat from Hurricane Ian’s rising storm surge.

On September 28, when the storm surge reached Bonita Beach, a cat had nowhere else to go. The white and tan cat was stuck on top of an outdoor air conditioning unit when the water level rose. The cat’s future didn’t look good until a man from Naples jumped into the water to save it.

Mike Ross, who was 29 years old at the time, carefully made his way to the cat, slowly picked it up, and then made his way back to safety.

Ross’s mother wrote down all of his brave actions. Later, the video was shared a lot on social media.

Ross and his girlfriend Megan Scavo set up a GoFundMe in the weeks after the accident. Part of the money they made was given to the Naples Humane Society, which helps animals in need.

The organization gave Ross The Cheryl Deering and Jim Dellas Animaltarian Award on Thursday. This award is given to one person each year who has gone above and beyond for animals.

The cat he saved is now named Storm, and he lives with the couple’s two dogs, Honey and Emma, and a pet rabbit.

Ross said, “I think the most important thing to learn is that when you have a chance to do something good, help someone, or help a cat like I did for Storm, you should take it.”

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