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Man exploited trust of parents to “gain access” to several developmentally disabled juveniles and he abused them for years; indicted

The parents of underage boys were left in disbelief when authorities came up and arrested a man who pretended to be their friend just so he can gain access to their children, developmentally disabled juveniles.

Reports claim that this man was exploiting the family connections, but authorities are concerned that many other victims might come forward.

The accused, 34-year-old M. Toney, was apprehended last month, with a subsequent indictment that took place several days after the arrest. Online records by the H.C. Sheriff’s Office (HCSO) show a series of seven charges. These include two counts of ra*e; one count of attempted ra*e; two counts of unlawful se*ual conduct with a minor; one count of gross se*ual imposition; and one count of importuning, according to a press statement from the prosecutor in the case.

Toney, who was held in custody ever since, faces a potential prison time that extends to nearly four decades if found guilty on all charges. The offenses, described by prosecutors as deeply unsettling, transpired over a period of two years, from May 2021 to May 2023.

Each grievous incident highlights a pattern wherein Toney is alleged to have se*ually abused a juvenile boy, with investigators underscoring the poignant fact that all three identified victims are developmentally disabled. Unfortunately, further details concerning the victims, inclusive of their ages, have been withheld from public dissemination.

“It is absolutely appalling that someone could commit such heinous acts against vulnerable children,” Powers said as reported by Newsweek.

The methodical strategy allegedly employed by Toney to infiltrate the victims’ lives has not been disclosed entirely. However, it is understood that he would cultivate a rapport with the victims’ adult family members, thus positioning himself in proximity to the boys.

“Toney would buy gifts for the victims to gain their trust,” Powers said in the statement.

Compounding the allegations, the investigation has unearthed video evidence, adding credibility to the claims of the three victims who have reported the abuse. In an expression of gratitude, Ohio’s Hamilton County prosecutors have extolled the victims’ “courage,” commending the boys for their brave disclosure.

Despite these revelations, there persists a possibility that Toney’s depredations may extend further. The local police department has maintained a tight-lipped stance, providing scant details but confirming an ongoing investigation to ascertain if more victims are concealed in the shadows.

Highlighting the urgency of the situation, the crimes are reported to have occurred in the Westwood neighborhood of the city, with all victims being underage boys.

“We have significant concerns that other victims are out there,” law enforcement said. “If you have any information about Michael Toney, please call CPD Personal Crime Unit at 513-352-3542.”

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