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Woman claimed her baby was kidnapped and she was scared to report it until a disturbing police discovery proved something horrifying, and she gets punishment 

In a deeply disturbing case, a mother has been handed a life sentence for the heartbreaking murder of her toddler son. The mother admitted her guilt in the chilling act, which culminated in the young boy’s body being found in the Chattahoochee River. This shocking crime, its subsequent investigation, and its eventual court outcome highlight the extremes of human action and the lengths authorities go to to uncover the truth.

A verdict has been reached in which a mother has been sentenced to life imprisonment for the tragic murder of her 19-month-old son, whose body was discovered in the Chattahoochee River.

Breyanla C., aged 29, entered a guilty plea last month to charges including malice murder, aggravated assault, and concealment of a death. The remains of Faheem C. were discovered by fire department employees on June 29, 2021, during a public safety announcement about water safety at Paces Mill Park. A member of the fire department spotted something in the water, and upon additional investigation, they found the body of the 19-month-old boy.

In the wake of media coverage surrounding the discovery, Breyanla approached the police department to potentially identify the remains.

Ms. Breyanla approached authorities with a story of kidnapping tied to a purported debt. She informed detectives that a man had taken her son from a hotel in the county because she owed him money, saying that she never reported the kidnapping out of fear, which subsequent investigations found to be unfounded after a review of the hotel’s surveillance failed to corroborate Breyanla’s accounts.

Examination of the GPS records from Breyanla’s vehicle painted a different narrative that placed her at the crime scene at the Chattahoochee River three days prior to the grim discovery and hinted at premeditation. This evidence heightened suspicions of her direct involvement.

Upon Breyanla’s arrest, her cell phone was obtained by officials. Its data revealed searches related to foster care and the Chattahoochee River earlier that month. Further evidence from her elder daughter indicated a troubling perspective from Ms. Breyanla regarding her son’s fate. Reportedly, she told her daughter that “their time with Faheem was done”.

The gravity of this case was underlined by the Senior Assistant District Attorney, Stephanie G., during Breyanla’s plea hearing. She remarked, “It is unfathomable that a human being could do this to a baby. It is unspeakable that a mother would do this to her own flesh and blood.”

Breyanla pleaded guilty to the charges against her, and the judge sentenced her to life in prison.

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