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Man is facing upgraded charges after he fatally shot his girlfriend and left the body in her car, then pulled and held a deputy underwater

Man was arrested and charged for shooting his girlfriend to death and leaving the body in her car until the police found the abandoned vehicle, but according to the latest information, the suspect faces additional charges after he pulled and held the arresting deputy underwater for an unspecified amount of time.
The suspect has been identified as the 34-year-old Joshua H. for shooting to death his girlfriend identified as the 20-year-old S. Turner on August 13th and leaving the body in her SUV in Florida.
According to police, the incident happened the same day when the dead body was discovered while Joshua was driving his girlfriend’s vehicle and they started argument.
The police didn’t reveal the was the argument about, but said that the suspect shot the victim at one point when the argument escalated while he was driving her car. Authorities confirmed that the suspect died on the scene and Joshua abandoned the vehicle in the area it was discovered.
Police received a 911 call in regards to a parked vehicle with a person covered in blood from a man who was walking in the area. When they arrived at the scene, they pronounced the victim dead.
Joshua is will known offender to the local police department who has been arrested numerous times for different charges ranging from drug possession, resisting arrest, and domestic battery.
Authorities easily connected the dots and started looking for the offender as the main suspect in the case.
Deputies with the local police department reportedly located Henderson that same afternoon at a retention pond that was nearby the scene of the incident.
While the officers tried to take Joshua into custody, he fought back and even tried to kill one of the officers after pulled and held a deputy underwater for an unspecified amount of time.
Luckily, none of the officers were injured in the incident since they managed to get the situation under control and take Henderson into custody.
Joshua was initially charged with first-degree murder for shooting his girlfriend to death and leaving the body in the abandoned car. However, he got his charges upgraded and he will also be charged with attempted murder on a law enforcement officer.
The suspect is currently being held in the Pinellas County Jail. Jail records show that bond for the defendant has not yet been determined.
This is a developing story and we expect more details from the local police department and the court in the upcoming period. We will update the case as soon more details are available. Stay with us!

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