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Coral Springs considers spending $238,500 to install new lighting at soccer fields in park

Coral Springs, Florida – In order to save on energy costs, Coral Springs is looking to install new lighting at soccer fields in a city park for $238,500.
According to a city memo, by replacing existing lights with new LED lighting at two soccer fields at Mullins Park, the city would save about 50 percent on energy costs.
The current light fixtures at the park – just off Coral Springs Drive and south of the Coral Springs police and fire headquarters — are metal halide fixtures that are more than 20 years old and past their “useful life,” the memo said.
It couldn’t be determined what the current energy costs are.
On Wednesday, city commissioners are expected to vote on whether to hire Musco Sports Lighting, LLC of Oskaloosa, Iowa to do the project.
By updating the field lights, Coral Springs would reduce maintenance and parts of operating the existing lights, cut staff training on operating the existing system, and have the ability to diagnose faster any system failures, according to the memo.
The city would use another contract from Clay County, Fla. to receive about a 14 percent discount off the total price if approved.

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