Florida mother of six kills her 1-year-old, then stabs husband and her other teenage child while four other children all under 11 left the house to safety

The number of violent crimes across the country is increasing in the last couple of years aiming to set new record high number of cases this year. Following that trend, the domestic violent crime cases are also seeing an increase, but it gets completely devastating when one will hear that a mother had killed her child which is exactly the case with this monster Florida mother.
According to police reports, the 38-year-old mother whose identity was not revealed by police, was arrested, faces multiple charges and will spend many years in prison if proven guilty for killing her 1-year-old toddler and then stabbing her husband and teenage daughter leaving them with serious injuries.
The police said deputies were dispatched at the scene after 911 call in regards to a domestic disturbance last Monday. The police were called by a neighbor after the injured teenage daughter came to her to ask for help suffering stab wounds and call police.
The woman believed to be responsible for the attacks was caught on surveillance camera earlier that day when she came to a neighbor’s front door to give her a dire warning about the COVID-19 vaccine the same day the FDA gave full approval to the Pfizer vaccine.
The neighbor, who was identified as the T. Sloan, said that everything looked ok with the now suspect when she approached her entrance door that day.
“She said, ‘Ms. Sloan, have you taken a shot? Please don’t take those shots. I got a vision today from God. And he said anybody who take a shot was going to hell,’” Sloan said.
Seven hours later, police say the woman killed her 15-month-old daughter and stabbed her 16-year-old daughter and her 38-year-old husband. The police didn’t reveal how the monster mother killed the 15-month-old daughter.
“We’re waiting for the medical examiner’s office to be able to provide us a cause of death for the 15-month-old,” a detective with the local police department who responded at the scene said.
Although details of the incident were not released by police, as soon as the 16-year-old daughter was stabbed by her mother, he managed to flee the house and reached out to their neighbor. She asked the neighbor for help and immediately called 911.
When EMS arrived at the scene, they treated the father and the teenager at the scene while they were waiting for additional help. Shortly after, both of them were airlifted to hospital for treatment. Both of them were in critical condition while treated on the scene, but their condition still remains unknown at the hospital.
The incident could have been much worse knowing the fact that all six children were in the house at the moment when the incident occurred. According to police, the rest four children who are all under 11 somehow managed to leave the house and go out to safety.
Officers didn’t put too much effort in finding the woman. They said that as soon as they arrived at the scene and entered in the house, they found the woman in the foyer area. She was covered in blood, suffering injuries that seemed self-inflicted. She was taken into custody without incident and transferred to hospital for treatment.
As of today, no additional information was released by police or the hospitals where the victims are treated. The identify of the woman for some reason was not revealed and the investigators are still working to find out the motive behind the attacks.

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