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Florida man arrested for trafficking fentanyl while on bond for son’s death

Coral Springs, Florida – A man previously arrested for the aggravated manslaughter of his one-year-old child has been taken into custody again, this time for allegedly dealing the deadly drug fentanyl.

This case involves 30-year-old Wendy Previl, who was charged with manslaughter after his young son, Zaire Cenatus, was exposed to a fatal dose of drugs, including fentanyl.

According to the Broward County Sheriff’s Office (BSO), Previl was not only trafficking drugs during the investigation but was also delivering them while out on bond for the death of his son. The BSO’s undercover detective, in collaboration with 22-year-old Robert Roseme, made multiple purchases of fentanyl that ultimately led to their arrest.

On the 20th of March, detectives issued search warrants for the Previl and Roseme residences. The search at Previl’s Coral Springs home uncovered a shed that was being used for his illegal business. Investigators also found a substantial amount of fentanyl, along with an AK-style rifle, ammunition, a handgun, and Roseme’s 2015 BMW.

The severity of the situation has resulted in Previl and Roseme being held without bond in the BSO Main Jail, where they face charges of possession and conspiracy to traffic narcotics. It is anticipated that both defendants will face federal prosecution for their alleged crimes.

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