Family-centric Back to School event in Coral Springs to coincide with tax-free week

Coral Springs, Florida – Two community-driven organizations with a focus on aiding mothers, The Motherhood Village and The SoFlo Moms, have joined forces to orchestrate a Back to School Family Fun Day. The timing for this event aligns tactfully with the approaching tax-free week.

The event is set to unfold at the Coral Square Mall, situated at 9469 West Atlantic Boulevard. This will occur on Saturday, August 5, with the proceedings commencing at 11:00 a.m. and concluding at 2:00 p.m.

The underlying objective of this occasion, steered by the two aforementioned organizations, is to empower and lend support to mothers and families during the transitionary period of preparing their children for the upcoming academic year.

The event cordially invites all children within school-going ages, ranging from kindergarten to high school. A plethora of family-centric activities are planned, with each segment thoughtfully designed to cater to various age groups. Attendees can anticipate a host of offerings, including arts and crafts, and educational resources, provided by an assortment of local vendors who share a common focus on family-friendly services.

Nicole Cumberbatch, the founder of The Motherhood Village, established the organization in 2021 with a vision to uplift and aid mothers, thereby enhancing their mental well-being through fostering community spirit, furthering education, and nurturing connections.

In sync with this objective, the Back to School Family Fun event aims to facilitate a smooth transition for children returning to school. The emphasis is on creating a comfortable environment not only for the children but also for the mothers. Cumberbatch articulated her thoughts regarding the purpose of this gathering. She stated, “The mission behind the event is to give families a fun day before school starts, to take advantage of the tax-free week at the mall, and to connect them with local family resources that they may not be aware of.”

Cumberbatch expressed her earnest hope for the event to have a broad-reaching positive impact. She shared her fond memories of frequenting the Coral Square Mall as a child and her honor in hosting this event at such a personal location.

The Florida Legislature has approved a sales tax holiday that commenced on July 24 and will continue until Sunday, August 6. A subsequent tax exemption period is slated to begin on Monday, January 1, 2024, and extend through Sunday, January 14, 2024.

The event promises a noteworthy highlight in the form of a Fashion Showcase, intended to exhibit the latest back-to-school attire. “The fashion showcase will have mannequins dressed in back-to-school outfits and accessories from stores like Macy’s, JCPenney, Tillys, and Hollister,” shared Gonzalez-Cumberbatch. “Additionally, the event will feature a fashion show with teens and little kids from Dama Modeling School, presenting outfit ideas in person.”

Capping off the event is an enticing grand prize giveaway valued at over $300. Cumberbatch outlined two methods for participants to enter this draw: joining the school supply scavenger hunt and collecting stamps on their registration passport, or directly requesting an entry form at the registration table.

To confirm your attendance for the Back to School Family Fun event, please RSVP at this link.

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