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Bam Adebayo hosts 4th annual toy drive

Miami, Florida – Making sure that no child is left without a gift this Christmas, the Miami Heat’s Bam Adebayo hosted his fourth annual toy drive.
“Well, it’s awfully exciting, cause you know, obviously when you think about, kids they tell you what they really want,” said Bam Adebayo. “Cause that’s the biggest thing, you know, telling me what they really want, and that’s when Santa Bam jumps into action, I guess.”
On Friday, as many as 1,500 toys are being given out at the Samuel K. Johnson Youth Center in Liberty City.
“Like, I get to give 1,500 kids a smile on their face for Christmas, and that’s one less item a parent has to buy. You know, just trying to make their lives easier,” said Adebayo.
He teamed up with Hobbytron and Miami Masquerade Ball, and the Bam Books and Brotherhood Foundation, whose goal is to display an impact on and off the court.
“You know, giving somebody a taste of success, a taste of, you know, like an encouraging thing, cause I know like kids like me, when I was younger I didn’t have that. I didn’t have somebody there, you know, give me something for Christmas, so just giving back to the kids is the biggest part,” said Adebayo.
Children needed to be selected in order to receive a gift. They needed to write a letter to Santa Bam Adebayo himself while he was injured.
“Thanks, Santa Bam. Thank you for making me and my friends feel special, and thank you for these toys, you made me and my friends day,” said David Smith, who received a gift from Bam.

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