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Last summer one million mosquitoes were trapped in Sanibel for research

Miami, Florida – Some summers we feel like we’ve been attacked by a million mosquitoes.
Thanks to researchers in Leon County who collected one million mosquitoes in one area of Sanibel last summer, now, you might have a better idea of what that actually looks like.
“We’ve had people call and say the mosquitoes are terrible, we got a million mosquitoes around us. So, I mean, we’ve heard that so often, you know. When there is that biting pressure when the mosquitoes are around, I thought, you know, people really need to see what a million mosquitoes look like,” said Erik Jackson, Deputy Director at Lee Co. Mosquito Control.
A million mosquitos were collected for science.
This comes as part of a project with the U.S. Department of Agriculture to see if trapping is good for more than just research if it’s good for actual mosquito control.
“I mean, you look at this, you think it’s promising but we’ll see,” said Jackson.
Scientists are hopeful they can take some of the bites out of future mosquito seasons with another year of research ahead.

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