Sonic Prep Player of the Week: Cole Hash

PALM COAST, Fla. – Every new football season calls for new leaders to step up.

That’s what Cole Hash at Matanzas High School is looking to do this year. The Pirates are looking to right the ship and bounce back from a sub .500 2021 campaign. Hash, a junior linebacker, has his finger on the pulse of the team.

Hash knows it’s on his class to set a foundation of success and unity.

“Last year, I would say we were all divided as a team,” Hash said. “Everybody wanted to be a solo player and not a team player. Everybody wanted to do what’s best for themselves and not what was best for the team. So this year, we’re very team-oriented. Nobody’s worried about the outside noise. It’s just us versus them.

Jordan Collins

Jordan is an experienced editor with years in the journalism and reporting industry. He loves talking with the community about the problems local residents face and state politics. You can find him in the gym almost every day or see him jogging.

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