Several people taken in for questioning in connection with a fatal shooting in Mims

BREVARD COUNTY, Fla. – The Brevard County Sheriff’s Office reports that a man was fatally shot in Mims on Monday night.

After receiving a call regarding a shooting on Cypress Avenue at around six p.m., deputies rushed to the scene and, upon arrival, discovered a wounded man. In addition, deputies said that the victim died after being transported to the hospital for treatment.

Deputies said that a short time after the shooting, a car was pulled over near Interstate 95 and State Road 46, and the occupants of that vehicle are suspected of being involved in the incident.

The people in the car were reportedly taken in so that the sheriff’s office could talk to them to find out if they had anything to do with the incident.

The sheriff’s office has announced that it will not be making any arrests at this time and that it will not be disclosing the identity of the individual who was killed in the shooting.

An investigation is underway.

Jordan Collins

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