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MDC Wolfson Campus offers free concert series ‘Jazz at Wolfson’

From now until the end of April, Miami Dade College’s MDC Wolfson Campus in downtown Miami will host a series of free jazz performances called “Jazz at Wolfson.”

Jazz may be played on a variety of instruments, from the piano to the saxophone to the bass, to the guitar, to the drums. It’s a style that may be played by one person, two people, three people, four people, five people, or a whole band. The emotions that may be conjured up by jazz range from cool and bluesy to fiery and spicy. The jazz spectrum is vast and diverse.

The following is the schedule for the 25th Anniversary season, which will take place in 2022–2023:

The performances will take place at Wolfson Auditorium, Room 1261 on the MDC Campus, which is located in Miami at 300 NE Second Ave. 305-237-8888. The majority will be shown live online.

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