Student’s threat of murder prompted parents and teachers to demand transparency at the Broward school

DAVIE, Fla. – Renee Levine was one of the parents who was outraged to learn that the staff at Broward County Public Schools had failed to inform her of a recent threat at her child’s school in Davie. Renee Levine was one of the parents who learned that Broward County Public Schools staff had failed to inform her of the threat.

At Indian Ridge Middle School, the administration, the teaching staff, and the students were all worried about a kid who reportedly threatened to get his hands on his father’s handgun and commit murder with it.

According to our sources, the youngster was in the seventh grade and had been expelled from school for one day after he assaulted a fellow student and threatened to murder him.

“They haven’t been transparent enough,” Levine said adding, “In this day and age, there are a lot of dangerous things happening and I think we deserve to know if there’s a dangerous kid in school. It’s not normal to threaten to kill somebody.”

A spokeswoman for BCPS confirmed that a behavioral threat assessment had been carried out, and the organization also issued the following statement:

“There was an incident this week involving a student who was threatened and attacked by another student. school staff and the school resource officer (Davie Police Department) responded immediately and intervened.”

Also adding, “The district and school take all matters involving student safety seriously. and they have been in communication with the parents or guardians of both students.”

In June, an eighth-grade student who was the son of a staff member at the school made a kill list, and parents also complained about a lack of openness in how BCPS had handled the situation. The youngster’s father was a member of the school’s staff.

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