Official proclamations and celebrity congratulations: St. Thomas University College of Law changes name to Benjamin L. Crump College of Law

MIAMI GARDENS, Fla. – The only law school in the United States named after a Black person is the Thurgood Marshall School of Law at Texas Southern, which is a Historically Black College or University.

Until Wednesday, that was the case.

At what is now called the Benjamin L. Crump College of Law but used to be called the St. Thomas University College of Law, an important event took place.

There were official proclamations and celebrity congratulations to mark the event.

Will Smith said, “Ben has been an amazing friend and guide, and that’s why it was important for me to be here with him today.”

Crump’s family, partners, and friends were all around him.

Crump said, “I am the luckiest person on earth right now.”

His clients were probably the most famous people at the event on Wednesday.

Their loved ones’ deaths have led to demonstrations, movements, and calls for social justice and change.

Martin’s mother, Sybrina Fulton, said, “Honor him and tell him I’m proud of him for the work he did not only for the Trayvon Martin Foundation but also for so many other families.”

Philonise Floyd, George Floyd’s brother, added, “You have to come out and support good people, because we’re stronger together.”

Amir Locke’s father, Andre “Buddy” Locke, said, “I’m glad he helped our family and that he still helps other families.”

The parents of Tyre Nichols were also in the group.

They went to the president’s State of the Union speech last night.

On Wednesday, they said that even if they had been invited, they would not have turned it down.

“If the law doesn’t protect the weakest among us, it doesn’t protect any of us,” Crump said. “We have to make sure that everyone gets the same justice under the law.”

The new Crump College of Law also received $3.5 million in donations on Wednesday, including a $1 million gift from Crump’s firm.

Officials at the school said they already have plans to build a new law school building on campus to go with the new name and the already-established Crump Center for Justice.

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