False alarm: A package left at Fashion Square Mall in Orlando parking lot caused public panic, but it was only a cooler with ice packs in it

ORLANDO, Florida – Tuesday, police and fire departments in Orlando looked into a suspicious package at Fashion Square Mall. It turned out to be a cooler with ice packs inside.

The cooler was found in the parking lot of the mall, according to the fire department.

Officials said that the explosive ordnance disposal team was on the scene and looking into what precautions could be taken. The parking lot was shut down, and a robot was sent out to find out what was going on.

Spencer Bashinski, the assistant fire chief in Orlando, said that the cooler only had two ice packs after he looked into it.

Bashinski said that they get a few calls a month about suspicious packages, but they take all of them seriously and follow the same procedure for each one.

Jordan Collins

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