Jacksonville man accused of killing his son following an argument last year is finally arrested, police confirmed

JACKSONVILLE, Florida – The Coral Springs Daily is finding out more about the night a football star in Jacksonville was shot and killed.

Otis Anderson, Sr. is accused of killing his son, Otis Anderson, Jr., after an argument more than a year ago.

The Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office got footage of the arrest from a body camera on Monday. JSO has taken out parts of video and audio to protect the privacy of the victims, and we should warn you that some of the video may be disturbing.

One officer said, “There’s blood in every single room.”

On November 29, 2021, there was a fight at the home of the Anderson family on Johnson Lake Court. As the officers walk around the scene, they find the victims’ blood on the sidewalks and near doors where neighbors ran to get help.

“Holy crap! There’s a big spot of blood there. The officer said, “This guy lost a lot of blood.”

Otis Anderson, Sr. is now being charged with second-degree murder and attempting to kill someone in the same degree. He is accused of shooting and killing his son and wife.

That night, Anderson, Sr. argues with officers about how tight his handcuffs are before he is put in a squad car.

“I am at home. I’m being hurt, but you don’t want to hear about it? Okay. “No one even asked me what I thought,” said Anderson Sr.

Documents show that the father and son had a fight over a dog before the fight got violent. The father said that the two were pushing each other and that he had the right to protect himself in his own home.

Otis Anderson Jr., now 23, was a great football player at University Christian High School and the University of Central Florida.

Anderson, Srwife .’s tells the police that she heard a “pow” sound and her son say, “He shot me.”

“I asked, ‘Are you for real?'” So I got that Swiffer jet mop and started hitting him with it. He turned around and shot me,” Denise Anderson said.

The next day, a man who says he is Anderson Srbrother .’s tells an officer that he doesn’t understand what happened.

Anderson’s brother said, “I mean, they were really close.” “That is the weirdest thing I can’t figure out. A wonderful friendship. I’m surprised. I have no idea what went wrong.”

In January 2022, Anderson, Sr. said he wasn’t guilty.

On Wednesday at 9 a.m., he will have a hearing before he goes to court.

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