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Broward County man faces DUI manslaughter charges in connection with a fatal April crash

Broward County, Florida – The Broward County law enforcement has arrested local resident, Michael McKenna Jr., on charges of DUI manslaughter relating to a devastating car accident in April that resulted in the tragic death of a 6-year-old child.

The 44-year-old McKenna was taken into custody this Wednesday under the suspicion of being under the influence during the time of the collision that took place on April 2nd. The accident transpired at the crossroads of Northwest 31st Avenue and Northwest 35th Street in Oakland Park.

As stated in the arrest documentation, McKenna was operating a 2020 Nissan Sentra at the time of the incident. The report indicates that he made a left turn, subsequently crossing the path of an oncoming vehicle.

The fatal collision claimed the life of a young passenger traveling in the other car and also caused injury to the driver. The identities of the deceased and the injured are currently being withheld.

Post-crash analysis revealed that McKenna’s blood alcohol concentration was .293 approximately half an hour following the incident, a figure significantly higher than the .08 limit enforced by Florida law.

The report concluded that McKenna’s ability to accurately estimate the speed of the oncoming Ford, and hence, the safe window to make the left turn was markedly compromised. This negligence, combined with a clear disregard for safety, further exacerbated the situation.

Compounding the severity of the case, it was revealed that McKenna had been found guilty on two separate DUI incidents in the past, in the years 1999 and 2003.

Following his arrest, McKenna was detained in the Broward main jail. During his court appearance on Thursday, the presiding judge deemed it appropriate to hold him without the possibility of posting bail.

During the court session, the prosecuting attorney presented evidence suggesting that McKenna had been at a bar for a duration of four hours prior to the accident.

In contrast, McKenna’s defense attorney urged the court to establish a bond on his behalf, emphasizing the fact that his client had surrendered himself to the authorities voluntarily.

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