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Juvenile delinquency in Coconut Creek: Two teens in custody for attempting car break-ins

Coconut Creek, Florida – In Coconut Creek, two young individuals, mere teenagers, have been apprehended by law enforcement after making an attempt to rob unlocked vehicles.

The chain of events was set in motion on a recent Monday when a perceptive resident of Wynmoor Village came home and observed two seemingly adolescent figures attempting to manipulate car door handles in the parking area. Reacting promptly to this suspicious behavior, she placed a call to 911.

Upon receiving the alert, officers arrived promptly on the scene, implementing a containment area around the location. Sensing their predicament, the two individuals attempted to evade capture by concealing themselves, but their efforts proved futile as the officers managed to detain both without any struggle.

Subsequent inquiries unveiled the ages of the culprits: one was 14, and the other, shockingly, was only 12. They were both charged with loitering and prowling, solidifying their complicity in the attempted vehicle thefts. To add to the troubling situation, the elder of the two was found with a screwdriver, a tool commonly used for burglary, and several illicit substances in his possession. This discovery led to him facing further charges.

In a startling revelation during the subsequent interrogation, the youths admitted that their motivation for such felonious acts was drawn from an unspecified source they had come across while indulging in the widely-played video game Fortnite.

After their arrest, both teenagers were transported to the juvenile detention center in Fort Lauderdale, where they currently await the continuation of their legal processes.

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