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VIDEO: Woman holds her teenage girl as a ‘human shield’ and asks multiple officers to shoot ‘them’ during a standoff

The whole community was in disbelief after an incident earlier this month when a woman openly asked multiple police officers to shoot at her and a person whom she held in front of her as a ‘human shield’. It was discovered by the law enforcement that the girl in question was indeed her daughter.

This is yet another confirmation that some parents simply don’t deserve their children at any cost.

In a disconcerting turn of events that unfolded on July 20th, a mother was captured on harrowing video footage, utilizing her 14-year-old daughter as a “human shield” following an intense high-speed pursuit by police authorities. The incident was accentuated by the mother’s cries, beseeching the officers to “shoot” them, a directive that left officials both astounded and disturbed.

Houston-area law enforcement personnel initially identified the woman, 35-year-old T. S. Henry, as a theft suspect, and during the subsequent standoff, officers were under the impression that she was restraining a weeping hostage in a chokehold. The revelation that the girl was, in fact, her daughter, sent shockwaves to the police officers.

“At that point, I 100% believed that we had a hostage situation,” Deputy A. Peters told KTRK. “I distinctly remember her at times saying, ‘Shoot! Shoot me! Shoot us!’” the deputy said of the mom. “To put your own family member, not to mention your daughter, right in front of that potential danger is just kind of crazy to me.”

The preliminary pursuit saw the mother lead the police across a harrowing 25-mile chase, during which she reached speeds of up to 100 mph. Authorities described her driving as erratic and perilous, citing “multiple unsafe lane changes and traveling the wrong way.” The dramatic chase reached its culmination in a parking lot on Cullen Boulevard near Beltway 8 when Henry’s vehicle ran out of gas.

“The driver failed to comply and pulled a juvenile passenger out of the vehicle. The driver proceeded to place the juvenile in a chokehold and position them as a human shield,” police said. “During the standoff, Deputy Peters was able to position herself behind the suspect and utilize her Taser to safely subdue the suspect,” the statement added.

In the chilling footage, Henry is seen holding the crying girl.

“She essentially got out of the vehicle, walked around to the front of the car, opened the passenger side door,” Peters told KTRK.

“She grabbed an unknown female out of the passenger side and proceeded to grab her, take her out of the car where she, unfortunately, put her in what we would call a chokehold and put her in front of law enforcement.”

Deputy A. Peters provided further details about the unsettling episode involving T. S. Henry, painting a picture of a situation fraught with danger and complexity. Upon approaching the vehicle, she made a startling discovery: a third individual, believed to be Henry’s current or former romantic partner, was situated in the backseat.

This person was subsequently placed in a patrol car without any altercation, indicating perhaps a deeper level of complicity or insight into the suspect’s motives.

With tact and precision, Deputy Peters then prepared to utilize her Taser on Henry, a procedure complicated by the need to avoid hitting the distressed 14-year-old girl. Throughout the ordeal, the girl’s desperate shouts to her mother to cease her actions resonated chillingly with the officers on the scene.

Once Henry was stunned, arrested, and taken into custody, the girl was safely released to a grandparent, a conclusion that undoubtedly provided a momentary respite from the day’s harrowing events. However, the subsequent search of the vehicle unearthed a concerning trove of information.

“We found over 20 pieces of what we would call identifying information, so numerous cards, debit cards, credit cards, Social Security cards, health insurance cards, things like that, driver’s licenses,” Peters said.

“Further investigation revealed the identifying items were taken without consent and Henry had attempted to use the credit/debit cards,” police said.

Henry faces a series of grave charges, including evading arrest, child endangerment, and fraud. Currently held in jail, she awaits her next court appearance on September 27.

Reflecting on the resolution of this anxiety-inducing incident, Deputy Peters credited the training and experience of herself and her fellow deputies in ensuring a peaceful outcome.

“That’s ultimately the main goal that we have every day,” said said. “Not only do we want to go home, we want to make sure everybody else goes home as well.”

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