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Woman faces attempted murder charge following dramatic assault on ex-boyfriend

Coral Springs, Florida – A woman stands accused of attempted murder following accusations that she intentionally struck her former boyfriend with a vehicle, consequently dragging him along the street, thereby causing grave, potentially fatal injuries.

On the 24th of July, the Coral Springs Police Department was alerted by the medical team at Broward Health North regarding an injured man who stated that he had been deliberately hit by a vehicle in front of his residence, located in the vicinity of Northwest 39th Court in Coral Springs.

The victim identified the driver of the said vehicle as his ex-partner and the mother of his child, 26-year-old Carolina Sosa Martins, hailing from Deerfield Beach.

As detailed in the police report, the victim revealed to officers that he was in his bedroom when he was disturbed by a loud noise, which he discovered was due to a ceramic tile being hurled through his window.

He further relayed that upon stepping outside to assess the situation, he found Martins attempting to drive away in a rented black Toyota Corolla, which he alleged had been stolen by her from his possession a few days prior when he was visiting his aunt’s residence in Deerfield Beach.

According to official records, the victim reported to the police that an intense argument transpired between Martins and himself regarding the car. This escalated to the point where Martins accelerated the vehicle at a significant speed, purposefully striking him before he could evade the vehicle.

The victim narrated that he was forcibly dragged on the pavement for an estimated distance of 150 feet, roughly the span of two houses from his residence, before he was able to free his sweatshirt, which had gotten entangled in the car door.

Subsequently, he was expediently transported to Broward Health by a friend, where the medical personnel diagnosed him with multiple severe injuries, including both subdermal and epidermal brain bleeds, a temporal fracture on the left side of his skull, and a fractured left scapula. His critical condition necessitated intensive care and persistent observation.

Upon reviewing the text message exchange between Martins and the victim that occurred post the incident, the police discovered that the victim informed Martins about his impending hospitalization due to her actions, to which she allegedly retaliated with death threats.

This revelation led the police to promptly issue a warrant for Martins’ arrest. She was apprehended and placed under arrest on the following day.

The charges levied against Martins, as outlined in the warrant, include attempted felony murder, aggravated battery with a deadly weapon (namely, the vehicle), hurling a deadly missile (the ceramic tile) into a private residence, and issuing written death threats.

As of now, Martins continues to be held in the Broward County Main Jail.

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