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Vigilant resident rescues 4-year-old from near-drowning incident

Oakland Park, Florida – A valiant rescue effort occurred near midday at an apartment facility situated at 850 E. Commercial Blvd. in Oakland Park. Local emergency response teams promptly arrived at the scene to rescue a 4-year-old boy from an incident that could have resulted in drowning.

Per official reports, two young boys, ages 4 and 1½, were left unsupervised near the swimming area of the complex when the incident took place. A vigilant neighbor witnessed the older child falling into the water and promptly pulled him from the pool.

Vicky Bolanos, visibly shaken yet relieved, recounted the events. She had been returning from her complex’s laundry room when she spotted the two boys alone in the pool.

“The little one was near the stairs, the other one was kind of in the middle,” Bolanos said. “He was like moving the hands but stopped moving and went face down — face under the water.”

Upon witnessing this, Bolanos navigated her way through a barred section of the gate and plunged into the pool.

Immediate cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) was initiated, with the boy’s life being saved as he began to breathe independently. Oakland Park Fire Rescue then transported the child to Broward Health Medical Center for additional medical care.

“And I take him out and he was like, ‘Hello,’ and I started doing the CPR,” Bolanos said.

Bolanos had acquired CPR skills during her tenure as a teacher’s aide, and routinely watched online videos on the subject. Her preparedness paid off significantly on this particular day.

“He started throwing up and taking everything out, that’s how he responds,” she added.

Both children were transported to the hospital, with Bolanos indicating that their parents were working at the time and that they were supposedly under the supervision of babysitters.

Law enforcement officers are currently investigating the circumstances that led to the children being unattended near the pool.

At the hospital, the older boy’s condition saw notable improvement, with him now awake and capable of breathing without assistance. The younger sibling, who was also admitted to the hospital, is in satisfactory health. The hospital staff ensured that the brothers were not separated during this tumultuous event.

“When I did the CPR I was shaking,” Bolanos reflected. “You never know when it can happen to you. I’m happy, but I was really scared.”

An investigation into the near-drowning event is currently being conducted by the Broward Sheriff’s Office Special Victims Unit. A representative from the Department of Children and Families has also been alerted to further examine the situation.

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