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Couple accused of keeping pets in their home full of trash, urine and animal faces, but it was much worse when police arrived and discovered there was more; charged

A couple was arrested following a report of animal neglect. But the grounds for their arrest weren’t only the report of animal neglect since it wasn’t just the animals that were neglected by the couple, as the police discovered something much worse upon entering the property. The couple is now facing severe charges, highlighting the grim realities that sometimes lie hidden behind closed doors in our communities.

This case, which resonates deeply with child and animal welfare advocates, sheds light on the broader issue of underreported child abuse cases and emphasizes the crucial role the public can play in recognizing and reporting such situations. The following is a detailed account of the discoveries that led to the couple’s arrest.

The arrested couple, 40-year-old Gregory J. and 25-year-old Sarah H. J., are facing serious charges following alarming discoveries at their residence on Evergreen Road. After the sheriff’s office responded to reports of animal neglect made by Gregory’s mother, they found the home in grossly unsanitary conditions. The house was littered with 2–3 feet of garbage, particularly concentrated in the basement and around the main bedroom. The pungent smell of urine and filth was unmistakable upon entering the residence.

Equally concerning, officials found evidence of animal feces and urine embedded into the home’s carpets and flooring, toilets overflowing with human waste, and cockroach infestations in various parts of the house. These “deplorable” conditions extended to the four children found in the house, who, according to arrest records, were not clean, nor were their living spaces and personal items.

Adding to the alarming situation, two dogs were also discovered in the residence—a German Shepherd mix and a German Shepherd. Tragically, the latter was found to be critically malnourished and subsequently succumbed to its condition the following day.

The series of discoveries has led to the couple being held in prison, facing charges that include child abuse, animal cruelty, wanton endangerment, and drug possession.

Laura K., Chief Strategy Officer for Children’s Advocacy Centers, commented on situations of this nature, emphasizing the prevalent underreporting of child abuse. Laura mentioned that despite serving over 7,000 children last year, the actual number of cases is believed to be much higher, approximating around 15,000 cases annually. She underscored the importance of community involvement, reminding everyone of their mandate to report any suspicions of child abuse or neglect. For further guidance on reporting abuse in Kentucky, Kretzer recommends visiting the Cabinet for Health and Family Services website.

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