False threats prompted lockdowns at two South Florida high schools

Two high schools in South Florida were placed under lockdown following false threats made on Thursday.

The schools in question were Charles W. Flanagan High School in Pembroke Pines and American Senior High School in Hialeah.

An initial alarm regarding potential weapons at Flanagan High School necessitated a police search. Concurrently, an unfounded 9-1-1 call alleged a shooting at American High School, specifically asserting that the school’s principal had been targeted.

Following thorough police investigations, no evidence of weapons or shootings surfaced, verifying that the claims were baseless. By 10 a.m., both schools had reverted to their usual schedules after the lockdowns were revoked.

Sheriff Gregory Tony of Broward County has previously emphasized the significance of school safety, highlighting the severe implications of spurious threats.

Such fabricated claims can misdirect crucial law enforcement resources from genuine emergencies. This recent incident underscores the grave repercussions of false reports.

Investigations are ongoing, with no arrests made in connection to these deceptive calls as of yet.

Lowell Bowen

From the time he was 8 years old Lowell knew he wanted to be on TV. Well, as people say one thing leads to another, that's how Lowell started his career in the news industry. Lowell has been part of The South Florida Daily since the very beginning.

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