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Miami Gardens funeral home gives away 100 Christmas trees

Miami Gardens, Florida – A Miami Gardens business owner is hosting a Christmas tree giveaway.
Local families were able to get in the Christmas spirit, thanks to Monday’s distribution, held off Northwest 27th Avenue.
“Happy holidays!” said recipient Kativa Edwards-Jerry and her loved ones.
They have Dr. Terry Wright of Wright & Young Funeral Home to thank for this burst of Yuletide joy.
“He is such a great guy. He’s always in the community doing something all the time,” said Edwards-Jerry.
Wright donated 100 Christmas trees. “They don’t have to pay for anything,” he said.
He said he aimed to spread a little bit of holiday cheer. “It makes me feel really good to be a blessing to the community. In times of COVID and hardship, we’re able to be a blessing, not just serving people,” he said, “because we’re a funeral home, but we want to be outside that. We want to put smiles on families’ faces during the holiday season.”
According to families who showed up to take home a tree, they are thankful for the gift.
“A lot of us didn’t have a good Christmas last year because of the pandemic, and so my family decided that we’re going to have a big celebration this year,” said Edwards-Jerry.
According to Lovette McGill, she picked up a tree for her daughter. “She just moved back here from Fort Myers to have more family support,” she said, “so, with the pandemic, by me working where I work in the cruise industry, it’s been a little rough. It’s been a little rough for everybody.”
These families have a reason to smile this year together, thanks to Wright. “Give a little, bless some people. They say a closed hand, nothing comes in and nothing goes out,” he said.

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