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Porch pirate strikes days after Christmas in Southwest Miami-Dade

Southwest Miami-Dade, Florida – After a suspect stole a package that contained Christmas presents that arrived late, a family has been left feeling upset.
“It’s horrible,” said the victim.
Thursday afternoon, a man, looking like he’s making a delivery, takes a family’s late-arriving Christmas presents for their kids in the Sunset area around Southwest 107th Avenue.
“I noticed on my Ring, I got an alert, that someone was passing by,” said the victim. “I figured it would be a delivery person, but when I looked, the person pretended to drop off a package and ended up taking expensive packages of ours, which happened to be pending gifts for our children.”
When the family got home to check what was dropped off…“We ended up getting an empty box,” said the victim.
The family checked their Ring camera footage to find that a man dropped off a random, empty box, but picked up UPS and Amazon packages containing expensive clothes for their kids. “We called the police,” said the victim. “We showed him the guy’s face. They wrote a report.”
Miami-Dade officers were seen on camera getting info on the SUV driving, fake delivery man. “White male, mid-30s, early 40s. He looks pretty professional to me. Wearing gloves, pretending to look like an Amazon driver,” said the victim.
His face and vehicle are now on camera, with the hope that this drive-up crook can be spotted, called out, and eventually stopped. “Report him, because it could happen to you,” said the victim. “We try to give our kids the best life that they could possibly have, and it hurts. Especially when you spend all this money trying to give them everything they want, and for someone to just come on to your house and just take your stuff, I feel violated.”
Miami-Dade Crime Stoppers ask anyone with information on this theft, to call at 305-471-TIPS.

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