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Text message fraudster is impersonating Coral Springs Police

Coral Springs, Florida – Coral Springs Police are warning the public about a text message scam targeting residents, with the fraudster asking for money on behalf of the police department.
According to police, the scammer’s text messages address each recipient by their first name, then makes the fraudulent solicitation with a misplaced dollar sign and accompanying link.
“Dear Ryan,” reads the message posted by police. “Coral Springs Police shirt 10$ OFF ready to order now.”
“SCAM ALERT,” the department posted on its Facebook page Saturday night. “We have had multiple residents bring this text message to our attention that was sent out today. This text was not sent from us. Please do not click on the link in the message.”
According to some residents, they received the text from a scammer pretending to be from the Coconut Creek Police Department.
Coral Springs Police warned of a similar scheme in which the department in March 2021 “received reports of a scam using our non-emergency number requesting money from South Florida residents.”
Across the country, law enforcement agencies have noticed a trend of criminal gangs investing fewer resources in traditional illicit activity, like drug trafficking, and more in fraud and scams like the one impersonating Coral Springs Police.

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