Access to public property for homeless may be restricted by the City of Brunswick

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. — The homeless population in the City of Brunswick, Georgia, might have fewer places to sleep as a result of a possible decision by the commissioners to keep them off public land. This has prompted some individuals to wonder “Where will they go?”

“I have never known homelessness in my life. I’ve never even seen it,” said Joy Hamilton.

Currently, she is going through it. She has been a resident among Brunswick’s homeless population for the last three years.

“You hope the next day is going to bring something; some answers, some idea,” she said.

We saw Hamilton reading under a tree in a local park, but if a certain rule is changed in the future, she might not be able to stay there for very long.

It is possible that the commissioners may vote on Wednesday to prohibit anyone from “occupying or exploiting a public park…for living accommodation reasons such as sleeping activities or making preparations to sleep.”

According to Wright Culpepper, who is in charge of supervising a daytime resource center in the city, “there is no designated place for people to go at night.”

He thinks that more should be done to help the homeless people in the city by taking care of their physical and emotional health.

“We don’t have the workers, and we don’t have the people trained. We don’t have the programs in place,” Culpepper explained.

You may get information on the city commission meeting that will take place on Wednesday by clicking here.

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