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Authorities in New York have handed dozens of artifacts to Italy

The United States government has sent dozens of priceless artifacts back to their country of origin, Italy. This is part of an international trend that sees historical artifacts being sent back to their country of origin when requested.

According to the office of the Manhattan District Attorney, 58 antiquities with a combined value of roughly 19 million dollars were sent back to Italy.

According to CNN’s story, the objects were discovered all around the city of New York in a variety of settings, including houses, art galleries, museums, and other establishments.

Authorities in New York said that 21 antiquities were stolen from the Metropolitan Museum of Art and that four individuals were suspected of being involved in the trafficking of the items.

The authorities claim that they have placed a lifetime ban on Michael Steinhardt’s ability to purchase antiquities after it was discovered that he was in possession of items. Steinhardt is one of the world’s most prominent collectors.

The Consul General of Italy expressed gratitude to the Manhattan District Attorney’s office for helping return the objects after they had been stolen.

Fabrizio Di Michele, who serves as Italy’s consul general in New York, said that the repayment was “extremely essential for our nation.”

This comes as a result of a multi-year inquiry into Steinhardt, who had previously given over 180 items in order to avoid facing any criminal charges. It was reported that the value of such antiques was somewhere about $70 million. According to the authorities, he consented to a lifelong restriction on collecting any further antiques, which they call “unprecedented.”

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