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Angry and upset with the way his life was going, drunk man forces stepson to watch the act of killing the boy’s mother shooting her in the head and body multiple times

40-year-old man is facing several charges, including murder charges, for shooting his wife several times in front of his stepson who was forced to stay just next where the boy’s mother was murdered. This recent incident has shaken the local community.

Mantonia D., aged 40, has been charged with second-degree murder and armed criminal action in connection to the killing of his wife Jami. The victim was discovered shot to death in her residence in the North Town Fork Creek neighborhood of Kansas City, Missouri. In addition to the aforementioned charges, Mantonia also faces a single felony count of unlawful firearm possession.

Following the shooting, Mantonia was apprehended within an hour when he allegedly arrived drunk at a relative’s house. According to Law and Crime, Mantonia reportedly confessed to his relative that the incident occurred as the shooter was “angry and upset with the way his life was going.” Mantonia was being held in the Jackson County jail on a $100,000 bond.

Investigation of the crime scene led to the collection of nine spent shell casings, and a firearm was found near Jami’s body, as mentioned in the publicly revealed court documents. Two apparent bullet holes were found in the space of the floor where her head lay.

Crime scene investigators collected nine spent shell casings and a firearm found near Jami’s body, according to a court document. Two apparent bullet holes were found in the space of the floor where her head lay.

Police received information from a 911 caller who arrived at Jami’s house after being informed by Mantonia’s brother that he had killed someone. Further witness statements shed light on a recent argument between Mantonia and his wife over her daughter moving in, and his remarks about how he “f—– up” and was “going to prison.”

Detectives were also told Jami’s son was inside the house and had witnessed the shooting. During an interview at the Child Protective Center, the boy said he and his mother were in the kitchen when his stepfather came in from the backyard and demanded she “line up.”

Tragically, Jami’s son was present during the shooting. He recounted to the Child Protective Center that he was forced to watch his stepfather shoot his mother three times, before fleeing to his bedroom closet to hide so he would “not get killed.”

Following his arrest, Mantonia was taken into custody to speak with detectives. Court documents revealed apparent blood stains on his left leg, shorts, shirt, shoes, and fingers. Later on, detectives noted that he “appeared to have an unknown medical issue,” resulting in his transfer to the hospital rather than proceeding with an interview.

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