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Cruel parents kept children locked in a dog cage inside their home as one was on the brink of death in what was described as the “worst case officers have ever seen”

Parents were taken into custody and are facing a total of 47 charges combined after police discovered that both of them were violent to the children and some of them were even kept locked in a cage inside the residence. The disturbing incident was shown to the public via police body camera.

In recently revealed court documents, the harrowing account of child abuse has come to light, described by police and medical professionals as “the worst case they have ever seen.” One child was reported to be on the “brink of death” due to the gravity of the abuse.

The case involves T. Doss, aged 31, and A. Stamper, aged 33, both of whom lived in a single-bedroom, one-bathroom extended-stay apartment in Las Vegas, along with seven children between the ages of 2 and 11. The couple was arrested several weeks ago.

The situation began to unfold when police responded to a call from a convenience store. A woman, subsequently identified as Stamper, was hiding from her husband, Doss, because he had “threatened to kill her,” according to the documents. Stamper then informed the police about the shocking conditions they would discover in the apartment.

Upon arrival at the residence, officers found two children, aged 9 and 11, locked in a dog cage. The description of the children is horrifying: one was suffering from “two black eyes that were swollen shut, multiple marks and bruises all over his body, and he was emaciated,” the police report states.

Last month, a Clark County grand jury handed down an indictment against Doss on 40 charges, encompassing several counts of child abuse. Stamper was indicted on seven child abuse charges. The prosecutors have confirmed that Doss is the biological father of all seven children, while Stamper is the stepmother to six of them. She shares a 2-year-old child with Doss and is currently pregnant with another.

Police body camera footage has been released, providing a firsthand view of the officers as they initially tried to access the apartment and subsequently rescued the children. The footage serves as a grim reminder of the horrific conditions in which the children were found.

“Hey, it’s Metro police. We just want to make sure everything’s OK,” the officer says in the video.

Further details have emerged regarding the child abuse case involving T. Doss and A. Stamper, painting a horrifying picture of the violence inflicted upon the children. According to the investigators, Stamper revealed that Doss was “violent towards all the children” with the exception of the 2-year-old. The tools of his abuse reportedly ranged from “belts, extension cords, skillets, his hands and feet,” and Stamper stated that “all the children are covered with marks from their neck down.”

In a chilling admission, Stamper recounted an instance from the day before, when Doss confided that he believed one of the children locked in the cage had died. The reason given was that he had “kicked him in the head too hard.” Stamper also said to the police her belief that the child had “looked dead for the last five days.”

“We already talked to your parents, OK?” the officer says in the body camera video as a child on the other side of the door refuses to open it. “We need to open the door so we can talk to you.”

This conversation continues back and forth for about 15 minutes, a heart-wrenching indication of the fear and mistrust in the children.

“We want to make sure you guys aren’t hurt,” the officer says.

ATTENTION: The disturbing body cam video can be found on this link.

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