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Prince Harry is losing his long-time friends because he is no longer loyal and forgot about the real values in life, report

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle decided to leave everything behind and move to America starting completely new life. This decision hadn’t only affected them, but also their closest family members and their friends in the U.K. Their departure from senior royal duties marked a shift in their relationships, triggering a downturn with their long-standing friends. Since then, things have unfortunately deteriorated further.

As reported by Rebecca English, royal editor for the Daily Mail, there’s a considerable amount of discontent among Prince Harry’s UK circle. English stated on a recent episode of Palace Confidential that Harry’s actions post-departure from Britain have been a source of disappointment for his friends. They are especially hurt by what they perceive as a lack of reciprocal loyalty, despite their unwavering support in the past.

A key point of contention has been Prince Harry’s absence from the recent nuptials of his long-time friend, Jack Mann, and Isabella Clark at St. Peter’s Church in Suffolk. Prince’s decision to not attend was met with surprise, given that in his memoir, Harry referred to Jack as his “genuine” best man, above even his brother, Prince William.

The uncertainty about the status of the relationship between Harry and Mann was voiced by royal editor Richard Eden, who also participated in the Palace Confidential program. Eden noted Harry’s remarks in his memoir about some of his closest friends rebuking him following the famous Oprah interview. “He’s done a lot of damage to those old relationships,” Eden opined.

Prince Harry’s Memoir ‘Spare’ made his friends angry as they were “very hurt”

And speaking of his bombshell memoir Spare, English also noted how his friends were “very hurt” by some of the things he wrote in it. English added that some of his confessions, particularly the disclosure of his military “kill count,” traditionally kept under wraps, had upset his military comrades deeply.

Prince Harry’s decision to miss the wedding and his controversial revelations are just a part of a longer story, as his friends have reportedly been displeased with his conduct over an extended period.

“From what I hear there are a lot of people who are genuinely disgusted by what he’s done since leaving the royal family,” English revealed. “They feel very hurt by some of the revelations that he’s made. As they were growing up William and Harry created a very close-knit circle of friends around each other.”

“Those friends understood ‘loyalty’ and have shown that to Prince Harry time and time again,” she continued. “There was almost a kind of omertà between them. There are people who said: ‘We’ve been very loyal to him over the years and we don’t feel that loyalty’s been repaid.'”

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