Scientists discovered a mostly intact alligator inside a python captured in Everglades

MIAMI-DADE COUNTY, Fla. – A python in the Florida Everglades had a sumptuous last meal.

Scientists discovered a five-foot alligator inside the python, indicating that the reptile may have taken on more than he could chew.

When they conducted a necropsy on the python in Florida and found the alligator still mostly intact, the scientists at the laboratory in Florida who investigated the snake said they couldn’t believe what they were seeing.

Neither animal made it through the meal, but researchers agree that it will be a day they’ll never forget.

The Burmese python is an invasive species that has been putting the wildlife in the Florida Everglades at great risk.

Humanely trapping and killing non-native reptiles, like the Burmese python, is legal in Florida.

Visit the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission’s website to learn more about pythons and how they are affecting South Florida’s ecosystem.

Alfred Duncan

Alfred Duncan is a senior editor at The South Florida Daily, where he oversees our coverage of politics, misinformation, health and economics. Alfred is a former reporter and editor for BuzzFeed News, National Geographic and USA Today.

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