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South Florida law enforcements continue to battle the massive influx of migrants. Dangerous journeys risky for them.

South Florida – The U.S. Coast Guard is looking for a second migrant boat after the crew of a Royal Caribbean cruise ship helped migrants on a different boat.

A lot of people are still making the dangerous trip across the ocean to South Florida, where the incident happened.

Just last Saturday, the cruise ship Liberty of the Seas came across a boat full of migrants. Now, officials say that those migrants told them about another boat that had already sunk.

This was said by Coast Guard Rear Admiral Brendan McPherson on the show “This Week in South Florida” on Sunday morning.

McPherson said, “We are helping the Royal Bahamian Defense Force save up to 22 people who may be in the water.”

Officials haven’t said anything new about how the search is going.

Also, there is now more information about how South Florida schools keep taking in children who don’t speak English.

In an interview on “This Week in South Florida” on Sunday, Jose Dotres, who is in charge of schools in Miami-Dade County, said that some new students are moving to places that aren’t typical.

Just over a week after the Biden administration cut the number of Haitians, Cubans, and Nicaraguans who could get asylum at the southern border, human rights groups are still upset.

This happened just a few days after a sailboat full of Haitians, which U.S. officials now call a “human smuggling” operation, came ashore.

During an appearance on “TWISF,” Paul Namphy of the Family Action Network Movement said, “We think that closing the borders is a very, very big problem.” “We know that treaties protect both those who want protection and those who ask for it. So that is a very big problem.”

Even though the number of migrants coming to the U.S. keeps going up, McPherson said that for now, U.S. authorities are able to handle these new arrivals.

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