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Parkland City Commission approves contract negotiations for Town Center design

Coral Springs, Florida – A resolution to commence contract negotiations with 505Design, the highest-rated candidate for the conception and design of a new town center on the erstwhile Heron Bay Golf Course grounds, has been approved by the city commission.

The potential contract holds an upper limit of $100,000. From this sum, $83,250 has been allocated towards the conceptual design of Parkland Place Town Center, with the remaining $16,750 reserved for supplementary analysis or illustration requirements.

The proposed site for the future Parkland Place Town Center comprises 33 acres west of Coral Ridge Drive/Nob Hill Road and north of Heron Bay Boulevard. A portion of this site, eight acres to be precise, falls within the bounds of Coral Springs.

City Manager Nancy Morando, in her address to the commission, underscored that partnering with 505Design enables the city to shape its vision, consult with an expert team and, ultimately, construct a space that upholds Parkland’s unique identity while providing a meaningful place for residents.

In a bid to further support the city with the development of Parkland Place Town Center, 505Design intends to collaborate with LandDesign.

The city initiated a call for proposals for design services on April 4. By May 9, the city’s evaluation committee had reviewed, ranked, and shortlisted three firms: Torti Gallas and Partners, 505Design, and Bermello Ajamil and Partners. However, prior to May 16 interviews with the evaluation committee, the latter firm withdrew, leading to the consideration of AE7 Pittsburgh in its stead.

Following the interview process, 505Design was selected as the highest-ranked proposal, with Torti Gallas and Partners in second place and AE7 ranking third.

According to Mayor Rich Walker, the vote on Parkland Place Town Center is a vital step towards offering residents more amenities within the city and broadening the tax base. He stressed the importance of hiring a consultant and involving the residents in the city’s developmental plans.

“This project cannot fail,” Mayor Walker declared. “It needs to be successful. Our names are all over this project.”

Additional concerns addressed by the commission included branding, potential incorporation of more green spaces, issues surrounding leasing versus selling properties, the importance of community outreach, and potential alterations to site plans.

“This is all part of the process of where we need to get,” commented Commissioner Bob Mayersohn.

The resolution for the Parkland Place Town Center was approved unanimously, moved by Commissioner Jordan Isrow and seconded by Commissioner Ken Cutler.

This vote by the commission follows the decision to initiate negotiations with Toll Brothers for the acquisition of a 21-acre portion of the former Heron Bay Golf Course, colloquially known as the dogleg.

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