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Is your favorite fast food chain draining your wallet? — This receipt is proof that it does

A customer of the international fast-food corporation, McDonald’s, has contended that the establishment has surpassed the threshold of affordability, following a recent experience that left them shocked at the cost of their meal.

Amid the ongoing cost-of-living crisis, which has seen energy and housing prices escalate to unprecedented levels, the general populace is grappling with substantial increases in expenditure across various facets of everyday life. One area that has particularly been impacted is food pricing.

One McDonald’s patron has publicly expressed his astonishment at the surge in pricing within the fast-food chain. Christopher Olive, an active user on the social media platform TikTok, took to the site to share the details of his recent visit to McDonald’s with his 336,000 followers.

Olive’s meal comprised a Smoky Double Quarter Pounder BLT burger, a large portion of fries, and a Sprite, which ordinarily is deemed a regular order. The price, however, left Olive taken aback – his order totaled $16.10.

In the shared video, Olive expresses, “So I get there’s a labour shortage, I get there are wage increases and a number of other things but… sixteen dollars?” This price, for a burger, large fries, and a drink, he deemed “just crazy.”

The post has since garnered a considerable amount of attention, with over 308,000 views and a flood of comments expressing various reactions.

The reactions ranged from comparisons to other fast-food chains – “Five Guys prices at McDonald’s?!” one user remarked – to an assertion that dining at a sit-down restaurant would prove more cost-effective.

While the overwhelming sentiment shared Olive’s shock and disapproval of the rising costs, others defended the chain, arguing that Olive had chosen one of the priciest options on the menu. Some suggested utilizing the chain’s app for exclusive deals and discounts as a solution to the high prices.

The fast-food giant faced a backlash in the previous year when the cost of their cheeseburgers was raised for the first time in 14 years, from 99p to £1.19. Prices of certain breakfast items, the McNugget share box, and large coffees also saw a hike, adding to the frustration of the brand’s loyal customers.


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