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Peter Pan Diner voted Florida’s best by Reader’s Digest

In a pursuit to identify the most quintessential diner in each state, Reader’s Digest embarked on a comprehensive assessment encompassing “customer ratings, TripAdvisor scores, and local gossip.” Their exploration crowned Peter Pan Diner in Oakland Park as Florida’s finest.

The assessment, as reflected in their report, commends the Peter Pan Diner, famously known as a late-night haunt for bassist Jaco Pastorius of the Weather Report. The diner, much like its namesake, has managed to retain its charming character over the years. One step into this Fort Lauderdale mainstay transports visitors back to the ’70s, complete with nostalgic decor and a fully-operational jukebox. The diner’s Greek cuisine, particularly the chicken gyro with homemade tzatziki sauce, has won the hearts of many patrons. It is a place renowned for its generous servings of potato chips that fill the bag to the brim.

TripAdvisor users resonate with this verdict, showering the diner with an array of recent positive reviews. Customers celebrate the diner for its extensive menu, welcoming staff, and rapid service. The Greek lemon chicken & rice soup, mousakka, and affordable home-cooked dinner specials have received particular praise. The cozy atmosphere and friendly service create a dining experience that compels many customers to return when they’re in the vicinity. One reviewer was so taken by the restaurant during their first visit to Florida 23 years ago that their affection for it remains undiminished after all these years.

Peter Pan Diner’s location is as follows: 1216 E Oakland Park Blvd, Fort Lauderdale, FL 33334

Alfred Duncan

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