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Quick response by firefighters prevents tragedy in Lauderhill fire

Lauderhill, Florida – The Lauderhill Fire Department responded to a residential fire on Monday evening, with firefighters encountering thick smoke as they entered the premises.

Upon arrival at the single-family dwelling, the crew was met by an ominous scene as heavy smoke was billowing from within.

Occupants of the home alerted the firefighters to an elderly woman who was unable to escape on her own. With quick action and precise coordination, the woman was extracted through a window by the first responders.

Subsequent to her rescue, the woman was promptly transported to Broward Health Medical Center. She was treated for conditions associated with smoke inhalation, as indicated by the local authorities.

In the aftermath of this unfortunate incident, the American Red Cross has stepped forward to provide assistance to those displaced by the fire. This includes four adults and four children who had been residing in the impacted home.

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