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Weston ranked among top ‘livable’ small cities for 2023

Broward County, Florida – Urban lifestyles, although appealing to many, can sometimes be overwhelming due to congested commutes, elevated living expenses, and other urban challenges. However, for those who prefer a less congested and potentially more affordable lifestyle, there are smaller cities that can offer a similar range of amenities.

In a quest to identify the most habitable smaller cities in the United States for the year 2023, SmartAsset conducted a comprehensive study. The research involved an analysis of 275 smaller cities, comparing them across a range of factors such as dining and entertainment, healthcare, employment and poverty, and average commute times.

SmartAsset’s analysis determined the top-ranking city in Florida to be Weston, situated in Broward County. Ranked 27th overall, this suburb of Fort Lauderdale earned high praise for its weather, family-friendliness, and educational system.

The study did not elaborate on other Florida cities but did highlight Poinciana for its longest average commute time of 43.6 minutes. Unfortunately, Palm Coast found itself towards the lower end of the rankings, listed as the 271st out of the 275 cities analyzed.

According to the study, the top ten most livable smaller cities across the country are:

  1. Redmond, Washington
  2. Sammamish, Washington
  3. Novi, Michigan
  4. Newtown, Massachusetts
  5. Arlington Heights, Illinois
  6. Palo Alto, California
  7. Kirkland, Washington
  8. Farmington Hills, Michigan
  9. Maple Grove, Minnesota
  10. Queen Creek, Arizona / Troy, Michigan (tied)

For a more comprehensive look at the study’s findings, click here.

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