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Vehicle crash at a restaurant in Plantation left multiple people injured, dozen hospitalized

Broward County, Florida – An unfortunate incident unfolded at the “Thai Meal” restaurant in Plantation, Broward County, on a particularly bustling Friday evening.

A motorist unintentionally propelled her “red Nissan Altima” into the premises, resulting in the injury of 20 patrons.

Following 911 alerts post 6:30 p.m., emergency personnel promptly arrived on the scene. The Plantation Fire Department initiated immediate assistance to the victims at the fully occupied establishment.

The range of injuries varied, spanning from superficial lacerations to significant cranial injuries.

Promptly, emergency responders facilitated the transfer of 12 individuals, inclusive of “two expectant mothers,” to proximate medical facilities.

Witnesses in tandem with first responders acted swiftly to assess the situation and provide aid to the injured.

The incident’s underlying cause remains under scrutiny by the Plantation Police Department.

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