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Publix strengthens presence in Florida with two new stores

Coral Springs, Florida – Publix opened two more stores in Florida last week.

These establishments are situated in Winter Garden at 10650 Avalon Road, encompassing 48,387 square feet, and in Coral Springs at 1285 North University Drive, which spans 54,964 square feet.

Lindsey Willis, Publix’s Media Relations Manager, said they are happy to open these new stores and promise to give customers great service and products.

Currently, Publix manages 1,348 stores throughout the Southeastern U.S., a region that has seen rapid growth.

The grocery business in this region is getting more competitive. Another company, Aldi U.S., recently bought two other grocery chains called Winn-Dixie and Harveys Supermarkets.

R.J. Hottovy, a research expert, said Aldi’s new purchase will add 400 stores in the Southeast. This will make Aldi bigger in states like Florida, Alabama, and Georgia, which have more people moving in.

Even though food prices have gone down a bit, people are still looking for good deals. Hottovy pointed out that shoppers are paying attention to prices and looking for cheaper options. This has made it a bit harder for regular grocery stores since more people are going to stores like Aldi that offer lower prices.

Alfred Duncan

Alfred Duncan is a senior editor at The South Florida Daily, where he oversees our coverage of politics, misinformation, health and economics. Alfred is a former reporter and editor for BuzzFeed News, National Geographic and USA Today.

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