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Broward County resident secures $1 million in Florida Lottery scratch-off

Pembroke Pines, Florida – On Tuesday, the Florida Lottery officially disclosed that a Broward County resident secured a prize of $1 million from a $50 scratch-off game.

The winner, Fahmin Ali, 38, hailing from Miramar, elected to obtain his prize as a single, consolidated payment amounting to $820,000.

Ali’s triumphant ticket was purchased at the Columbus Food and Beverage Store, located at 9061 Pembroke Road, Pembroke Pines. For its part in facilitating the sale, the store is set to receive a commission bonus of $2,000 from the Florida Lottery.

It’s worth noting that the “500X THE CASH Scratch-Off” game, from which Ali secured his win, has a maximum prize offering of $25 million, and the probability of clinching a win stands at 1-in-4.50.

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