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Oakland Park enhances emergency alerts with multilingual support via CodeRED

Oakland Park, Florida – The city of Oakland Park has introduced enhanced emergency alert options for its residents through the CodeRED system.

This platform facilitates the dissemination of critical information via voice calls, emails, or text messages during urgent situations or noteworthy events. In a move to accommodate a diverse resident base, the system now extends alerts in multiple languages, including Spanish, French, and Portuguese, in addition to English. Moreover, the city has incorporated the provision for inhabitants to obtain weather-related notifications from the National Weather Service, covering events like severe thunderstorms, tornadoes, and potential flash floods.

To avail themselves of these alerts, residents are required to establish or access their CodeRED accounts and modify their notification settings. The necessary registration form is conveniently accessible on the city’s official website. Upon account access, users can specify their language of choice via a designated drop-down menu.

Furthermore, the platform provides detailed weather warning configurations, located underneath the contact number input section during the registration process. These alerts are meticulously crafted to ensure residents are adequately apprised and prepared during unforeseen events or adverse weather scenarios.

It’s important to note that all communications facilitated by the CodeRED system, encompassing voice calls, text messages, and emails, are offered without any charges. To leverage this service, residents merely need to register on the city’s digital portal and stipulate their favored mode of communication.

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