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Tuesday marks the beginning of the new school year for Uvalde students

UVALDE, Texas — The start of a new school year is this Tuesday in the Texas city of Uvalde.

Three months have passed since a shooter opened fire in Robb Elementary School, taking the lives of 19 students and two teachers.

Despite the fact that a large number of kids and instructors are returning to the school district, several parents have reported that they are unable to get a definitive response about the number of police that will be present on campus.

“One of the questions that the families have is the DPS workers that are going to be there. Are those the same ones that were at the school that day? And we can’t get an answer,” said parent Adam Martinez. “They won’t give us an answer whether it’s going to be the same people, the same school resource officers that were there. They’re going to be there on campus too, so.”

The school system says it is working hard to finish new security measures, such as putting up higher fences, more surveillance cameras, and more than 30 state troopers around the campuses.

“I talked to my son, and I told him that they’re going to have higher fencing, they’re going to have more DPS cops, and he just wasn’t having it. He said that he doesn’t think they’re going to be brave enough if it happens again,” Martinez told CNN. “They’re not going to go in there. They didn’t go in there before, and he wants different cops and that he’s really not budging. The fencing he said they can just get a ladder and climb over it, so right now, he’s just not ready. My daughter, she was looking forward to volleyball, playing volleyball, and now even with that, she doesn’t want to go back.”

According to a report by the Associated Press, former Police Chief Pete Arredondo will not be returning to work for the district this year since he was terminated in August by the board of trustees of the school system.

According to the Associated Press, school authorities have said that Robb Elementary would not be used, and as a result, elementary kids will be attending courses at other campuses around the district.

The Associated Press says that some students will learn online while others will go to private schools.

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