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Hidden advantages of Costco membership you’re probably missing out on

Costco, a leading retail giant with 119 million members, is renowned for its wide variety of member perks. Among these benefits, members can take advantage of discounts, save on gas prices, utilize grocery delivery services, refill prescriptions, and rent cars at reduced rates.

However, there exists an often overlooked membership benefit that is particularly appealing to sports and concert enthusiasts.

Indeed, the lesser-known advantage allows Costco members to access discounted tickets for sporting events and concerts, along with additional bonuses like included food and beverages for certain select events. This perk might come as a surprise to many, but it indeed stands as a testament to the breadth of Costco’s member offerings.

To avail of this benefit, members can follow a simple procedure: navigate to costco.com, select the “Shop” sidebar on the left, click on “Gift Cards & Tickets,” and then choose “Sports Events & Concert Tickets”. This sequence will reveal a list of various sports events and concerts to choose from.

As of now, Costco offers a range of baseball game options. For instance, with prices starting at just $49.99, members can purchase two tickets to a baseball game, sometimes inclusive of perks like food and beverage offerings. In addition, discounted tickets for certain concerts and NASCAR events are available for Costco members.

Beyond these music and sports offerings, Costco’s extensive list of member benefits continues. The travel sector is one area where Costco shines, providing members with savings on airline tickets, restaurant bills, spa services, and hotel bookings. Furthermore, restaurant discounts and reduced prices for certain movie tickets and streaming services are among the additional advantages of a Costco membership.

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